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We encourage the students to participate in various clubs.

  • Debating Club
    It inculcates a spirit of rational thinking, analytical ability and oratory skills. Students are groomed for Public Speaking and Inter Class Debate Competition are organized.
    Check out the achievements of Debating club

    A number of activities are organized to achieve this objective.
    Training in Elocution, Debating and extempore speech are the regular activities of the Debating Club. Students can even take up Debating as an option in Work Experience, for which two periods are set aside every week.

    Besides intra-class debate competitions are held regularly to facilitate greater participation. Students are also encouraged to compete in inter-school debates to hone their oratorical skills.

  • Interact Club
    It acts as a bridge between the school and the society and aims to inculcate the values of caring and sharing among the students.

    The Interact Club is associated with the Rotary Club of S.W. Delhi. The Club inculcates social values among the students. The children are physically and emotionally involved with the elderly, the sick and the needy.

The inauguration ceremony of Interact club was held in AFGJI on 10th Sept. 2005. Rotarian P.N Sharma, the president of 2004-05 acted as the chief host. Badges were given to the appointees of the seven schools. Sanam Sood of XII A was appointed as the President of the Interact club of AFGJI.

Inauguration ceremony of Interact club

A number of activities are organized to achieve this objective.

  1. We visit old age homes, cancer hospice, orphanages and homes of leprosy patients.

  2. We collect donations for SOS children’s Villages and Red Cross Society.

  3. We have visited Nirmal Chhaya in Tihar jail and interacted with the children of the inmates there.

It is the best platform for the students to be aware of the society we live in. It gives us better understanding of the ways in which we can give constructive help to those who need it.”

It is the matter of great pride to be an interacter, under its guidance, we have been moulded into better, selfless human beings.”

  • Heritage Club
    The Motto - Prakriti, Sanskriti, ParirakshanIt.
    It sensitizes students towards the appreciation and preservation of our cultural and natural heritage.

    A number of activities are organized to achieve this objective.
    Visits to museums andmonuments, film shows, slogan writing and poster making competitions, are some of the activities undertaken by the club.

    It celebrated the monsoon session with an inter class vocal music competition (class VIII & IX) in solo performance The songs were classical, semi classical or folk.


  • E.V.S. Club
    The basic objective of EVS club is to sensitizes students to their environment and its conservation. Students learn about various environment friendly activities. They learn to appreciate nature and also how to protect their environment.

    Eco Club was launched in the school in 1992. All those students who opt for EVS as SUPW in classes VI-VIII join the ECO-CLUB

    A number of activities are organized to achieve this objective.

    1. Painting and Poster Making Competition on topics like 'Water Harvesting', 'Protect Trees' and Wildlife, Antismoking etc. - at an inter school level.

    2. Mask Making Competition  on the theme of wild animals.

    3. Slogan Writing Competition on the topics like  Save Forest, Wildlife and Water.

    4. Best out of Waste _ Students make useful things out of waste materials.

    5. Nature Walk : Students are taken for a walk in the school campus, where they learn the Botanical and common names of various trees and their useful features.

    6. Slogans on Anticrackers and Pollution free Diwali.

    7. Tree Plantation : Students plant tree saplings in the school campus and learn to look after the trees.

    8. Herbal Holi :students prepare colours from natural plant products to play Holi.

    9. Recycling of paper : Fresh paper is made out of waste papers and are used to make greeting cards etc.

    Besides these activities students are informed about sources of pollution, harmful effects of polythene bags, wildlife protection laws, importance of recycling the waste products, environment related problems at global levels and various steps being taken by the government to protect our environment.


  • Quiz Club
    It aims to expand general awareness and hone the skill of drawing rational inferences. Check out the achievements of
    Quiz club.

    A number of activities are organized to achieve this objective.
    KNOWLEDGE MASTER CLASSES : These classes are conducted to enhance the general knowledge of the students and for this purpose regular quiz competitions are conducted at interclass and interhouse level. Selected students are prepared for interschool competitions both at the state level and national level. Particularly noteworthy is the Quiz competition conducted at all Indian level involving all the commands of the IAF where the AFGJI team won the 1st prize.

  • Gen X Consumer Club
    Education is a life long process of constantly acquiring relevant information knowledge and skills. Consumer education is an important part of this process. The children are becoming consumers at an early age and thus the need to be educated about the responsibilities and the duties of the consumers.

    Gen X consumer club is promoting consumer awareness among students. To achieve this, the students informally learn about the ways to obtain information about goods and services, the psychology of buying and selling, to shop wisely and distinguish between wants and needs. They are expressed to conserving and saving as an alternative to buying and consuming.

    It makes students aware of consumer rights and inculcates a sense of social responsibility.

    A number of activities are organized to achieve this objective.

The club organized Packaging, logo making & labeling. The club got its name through ‘Name the Club’ competition on Nov 7, 2005 a mega event an Inter School competition in Declamation, Quiz and Rangoli making was organized. 17 leading schools of the capital participated in it. The club is under the aegis of an NGO Binti.

  • Dramatics Club
    The Dramatics Club grooms students in the various nuances of enactment & dramatization. Training in voice modulation, diction, dialogue delivery and scripting is given in a systematic and interesting fashion. Students have fun while learning as they take up various projects. Some of these activities are: -

    A number of activities are organized to achieve this objective.
    1. Dramatisation of narrative poems.

    2. Presenting street plays on social themes like dowry and child labour to generate social awareness.

    3. Enactment of advertisements on products in the market.


  • Futurz
    The computer Science Department of AFGJI launched a club named Futurz on 13 th July , 2011. The club was launched with an aim to inculcate advanced designing and programming skills among students interested in the field of Information Technology. It started out as an initiative to promote computer literacy by a Mrs. Mohini Arora , HOD Computer Science and a few tech savvy students, the club today has emerged as one of the fastest growing clubs in terms of members and activities in the school. Few of our main objectives include making the Futurz club a very interactive and lively club where members share new and interesting skills and ideas and emerge as one of the leading IT based school clubs in India in terms of participation and achievements in various IT based events conducted every year.

    The club organized an interschool symposium ‘Zenith 11’ and the Talent Hunt ‘ Techwiz Hunt 2011 ‘ whixh turned out to be very successful and they remain the club’s greatest endeavors during the last academic session.

  • Futurz Technocrats


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